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Itís a Mystery
Artist: Danielís Window
Label: True Tunes Records
Length: 14 tracks / 57:12 min


Danielís Window are focused on evangelism. The lyrics remind me of the place in Hebrews 5 where it says "And a person who is living on milk isnít very far along in the Christian life" (NLT). The young Christian seems to be the audience that Danielís Window is aiming at. Take for example the chorus from "Iím So Happy:"

Iím so happy
Canít you see
Just what he has done for me
Iím so happy 
Canít be priced
Freedomís found in Jesus Christ
Or "Stay The Same:"
He was the same before the world was turning
He was the same when the bush was burning
He was the same when He died for you
And Heíll be the same no matter what you do
The simplicity of the lyrics, however, does not translate into the music, which makes heavy use of programming and keyboards. There is also the addition of string instruments (cello, viola, violin), while Buckís John Gutierrez plays the trumpet. The result of using these instruments is a sound that at times leans towards techno, at others towards quirky chick-punk, and a few pop tunes. The whole album is radio-friendly, and I could easily see Danielís Window moving up CCM charts. Combine this with a healthy dose of creativity, and youíve got a mix that will most likely tantalize critics everywhere. 

The only real complaint I have regarding the music is that Heather Hersheyís vocals can come across as weak at times. On several songs the chorus fails to come across as powerful as it could have, due to rather thin vocals.

Danielís Window demonstrate a level of innovativeness that is welcoming. Itís a Mystery has some spectacular highlights--"When You Hear This Sound" makes good use of a male, tribalistic vocal, thrown onto the combination of throbbing bass and electronica-flavored drums to create a masterful piece of work. Thereís also "Round and Round," whose opening never ceases to amaze me with how much it sounds like Futuramaís (television show) tune. Then thereís the All Star-esque (think "Thank You, Goodnight" and "I Need You Know") string instruments on "Follow and Believe."

In the end, Danielís Window provide an album full of satisfying music. Itís a Mystery is a great debut, and Iíll be keeping a good eye on what happens to these guys. I just hope that theyíll become as progressive lyrically as they are musically. 

Eric Daams 



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