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Big God
Artist: Dream House
Label: Pamplin
Length: 11 tracks/50:46 minutes

Dream House offers up energetic praise and worship L.A.-style with Big God, a "Hosanna! meets Kirk Franklin" effort that is full of vim and vigor.  The songs are upbeat and catchy, if not clichéd, and the "live" crowd sounds like they are at the Superbowl on some tracks.  There are some decent new choruses penned by worship leader/producer David Henley, along with some cheesy but catchy tunes, and nice covers of "Welcome Into This Place" and "Praise Him." 

Sonically, the sound ranges from blue-eyed-gospel jams to standard charismatic praise & worship, and always keeps the energy intensity high. Big God wraps up with a rousing extended rendition of "Praise Him" in five languages. 

If you can get past the first half of the album, which tries too hard for its own good, you can find some nice, sincere slow to mid-tempo worship choruses like "Surround Me" worth singing along with.

Zik Jackson 8/12/2000


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