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It's OK
Artist: Delirious?
Label: Furious?
Length: 2 Disc CD single'

It's taken Delirious? nearly a year to prepare the release of the second single from Mezzamorphis but that time seems to have been well spent. The media buzz surrounding this release is bigger than any of their previous singles and the band look set for a busy few weeks promoting the single.

"It's OK" marks a departure from previous singles. A ballad, written for a depressed friend, it's certainly a step up from "See The Star" and is probably the most broadly accessible track from Mezzamorphis. The lead track is backed up by "Pursuit of Happiness," a 60s influenced number which showcases the vocals of lead-guitarist Stu Garrard. A remake of "Come Like You Promise," which has been updated but unfortunately lost some of its raw energy in the process tops off the musical side of this release.

The video for "It's OK," a moody largely black and white production, is included for CD-ROM users. The video is effective, but may not have broad enough appeal to really convert many newcomers. Nevertheless MTV UK and Ireland have picked it up, and for the first time Delirious? look set to get some terrestrial television exposure with a music video.

These are exciting times for Delirious? While the song is neither particularly ground breaking nor the band's strongest offering, we wait to see how much deeper they can go.

James Stewart 2/20/2000

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