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Hurry to This Heart
Artist: Debby Barnes
Label: Indie 
Length: 9 tracks

Debby Barnes's debut release is a collection of varied pop tunes recorded at Phil Goss's (As If...) Appletree Studios. Barnes weaves her way through a collection of songs which show influences from lounge-jazz to folk and country, but retain a pop feel throughout.

The vocals are the focus throughout and they have a relaxed, natural feel to them. The lyrics have a worshipful feel to them. While there are a few songs about life, such as "Do What You Do" which is about busyness ("Sometimes better, sometimes worse/Steady as we go/Busyness it's human bondage/But it's all we know"), the major theme is one of desiring and/or welcoming God. The writing could do with a little refinement, but retains a consistent quality.

The overall result makes fairly easy listening. Sometimes a few more dynamic arrangements would drive the songs along better -- the album could generally do with a stronger production hand -- but this is a nice debut from a committed pop vocalist.

James Stewart 06/28/2000


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