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The Company
Artist: The Company
Label: BEC Recordings
Length: 11 tracks

As it turns out, two things previously thought to be dead-­Pep Squad and disco music-­are very much alive. With the release of The Company’s self-titled debut album, Pep Squad’s Bryan Everett attempts to bring disco back in a generation of preprocessed hardcore, emo and heartless, cold electronica. Impossible? Darn close to it. But Everett and company (no pun intended) make a valiant attempt nevertheless.

The album-opening "Ooh C’mon" begins with a disco piano solo, which quickly swells into a full-blown 1970s revival, complete with a cheesy tenor saxophone part. Vocalist Kristen Burns has a fairly good disco voice, but it tends to get rather annoying after several listens. I prefer the songs that Everett sings, including the infectious "Boogie Machine" and the bilingual "International."

Most of the songs have more lyrics than typical disco, but purists will be happy to note that they're just as cheesy as their secular counterparts. Take "I’ll Sing a Song For You," Burns’ ever-corny ode to karaoke: 

When I walked into the room tonight
I could see my name in lights
Scopin’ out the scene
Check my number twice or three
Put my ticket in the hat and wait my turn
I am not nervous you will get burned
Many of the other songs, including "Should I Let Him Go?" and "You Turn My World Around," focus on relationships. Of these, "Will You Be There?" is probably the best, featuring Burns and Everett in a delicious duet. 

The Company may not bring a full-fledged disco revival, but their debut certainly makes for some fun listening. Check it out if you’re a fan of the genre.

Michial Farmer 9/9/2000


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