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I Surrender All
Artist: Clay Crosse 
Label:  Reunion
Length:  13 songs/58:13 minutes

I Will Follow Christ (sample)
The Blood Will (sample)

Stop... Imagine yourself for a moment in a coffeehouse. The rich smells of various coffee flavors permeating the air. The lights are dimly aglow. In the background you hear the songs of a lone, soulful voice. Assuming this coffeehouse is bold enough to play a Christian artist, chances are that most of the songs being sung would be found on Clay Crosse's greatest hits record. This project, by its very nature, holds more of a blues/soulful sound than any record you'll find on the shelves of your typical Contemporary Christian music section.

I Surrender All begins with Crosse's trio with Bebe Winans and Bob Carlisle, "I Will Follow Christ". It smoothly proceeds through hits such as title track, "I Surrender All," "My Place is With You," "Time to Believe," "I Call Your Name," and many more. It even holds the lesser known but just as powerful song, "The Blood Will." 

When listening to this project, the audience is immediately drawn in by an array of sounds. These sounds come from a variety of instruments such as typical keyboards, guitars, drums, and a saxophone. This draw also comes from a well blended array of soulful background vocalist. The most prominent part of this project is in the lyrical focus. In fact, it is in the lyrical focus that the soul of the project is truly found. Each of the titles on this project point toward a place of total surrender to God and His complete love. In "I Surrender All," Crosse sings: 

    I surrender all my silent hopes
    and dreams,
    Though the price to follow
    cost me everything,
    I surrender all
    my human soul desires,
    If sacrifice requires,
    That all my kingdoms fall,
    I surrender all.
This compilation project certainly holds a large amount of blues/soul sound. If you are interested in this, or want a good sample of Clay Crosse's music, this project is definitely a keeper. If blues is not a sound for you, keep walking, you'll eventually find something more to your liking.

Cathy Courtwright 1/15/2000

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