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Bathroom Floor
Artist: Booley
Label: Independent (distributed by ICC)
Length: 11 tracks

God on your side
Bathroom Floor

Booley's original Bathroom Floor was one of the highlights of last year's independent releases. The sophisticated and carefully crafted pop music which is Booley's specialty records well. It's not just his spiked pink hair which makes him stand out.

Removing one of the weakest tracks on the original ("Be Here") and adding in five new ones, the album is more satisfying than the original EP simply because it gives more insight into the world of Booley. Drawing influences from lyricists such as Bruce Cockburn, Booley's approach to pop music seems to owe more to the Elvis Costello school of craftsmanship than to his lyrical influences. Drawing from a broad range of musical alleys,  he wraps them around compelling lyrical hooks. Those lyrics are very personal, but universal enough for most people to relate to. The title track was inspired while hiding in a bathroom from relationship woes while "Alright" uses the story of a train journey to explore the very real suffering which often lies behind issues which we only see as political debates.

Winning fans wherever he plays (he's supported Steve Earle, All Star United, Maire Brennan, and Duran Duran), it's only a matter of time before Booley gets some serious attention. While some of the mixes here might need to be tightened up to get wide radio play, the songs themselves certainly deserve it.

James Stewart 4/09/2000


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