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Not Dressed for the Occasion
Artist: Jon Blackstone & the Rest of Us
Label: True Tunes Records
Time: 13 tracks/65:08 minutes

The love You Give Me

This disc is a solid first album from a singer-songwriter who shows a lot of promise.  In fact, if there were a little more piano emphasis, it would be tempting to label his work a throwback to the Elton John or Billy Joel styled 70's piano-based rock.  As it is, the song structures themselves reflect this influence, as does the guitar and piano work, especially in the John Mark Painter produced opening track.  However, it is well done, for the most part, and quite listenable.  While recalling John and Joel, his work is by no means derivative of theirs.  The lyrics are solid, if not spectacular, featuring well known songwriters such as Margaret Becker, Dwight Liles, and T. J. Seals along with Blackstone himself.  Blackstone's voice at times recalls Elton John, but for the most part sounds distinctly his own.

This album is, more than anything, the product of a guy who knows what type of music he likes to play and write, and is intent on doing just that, even if it means he won't sell a million copies.  And, you know, there's something to respect about that.

Alex Klages  05/19/2000



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