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Artist: Various 
Album: Bedouin - A Compelling Musical Journey Through the Footsteps of
Jesus the Christ
Label: Audio X Records
Length: 10 tracks/54:33


Audio X Records presents Bedouin - A Compelling Musical Journey Through the Footsteps of Jesus the Christ. Guitarists Glen Pearce (FFH, 4Him), John Pisciotta (Benjamin Gather), and former Whiteheart bass player Anthony Sallee form the core of the underlying musical turf, under the production of Brian Hardin, who also programmed keyboards and percussion. The album is essentially background music to the reading of King James Version passages of Scripture, done by Joe Gutzmirtl and Jill Parr.  It is inspiring and edifying, especially for adherents of the King James.

While Bedouin… is an interesting concept with some shining musical moments from its stellar players (like the beautiful piano and orchestra arrangement on “Go And Teach All Nations,” the sole instrumental track),
one is left unsure of the purpose of the album as a whole.  Is it an “audio Bible” with artsy contemporary background music, or is it a musical project with spoken Scripture for lyrics?  Bedouin… is an apt title as
the album wanders from track to track and verse to verse throughout the Gospels.  It can’t be fully enjoyed as a musical project, but may make a good personal devotional tool.  Unfortunately, there is not a Scripture
reference guide to make reading along easier as the album documents the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

Zik Jackson 8/28/2000



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