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Nothing But the Truth
Artist: Bob Carlisle
Label: Diadem Records
Length: 11 tracks/51:52

If you liked the daddy-to-daughter ballad "Butterfly Kisses," you'll love "River of Peace," another heartstring-tugging tearjerker from veteran crooner Bob Carlisle on his new album Nothing But the Truth.  The first verse of the song is a tribute to a 10-year-old cancer victim, while the second verse lauds Vietnam veterans and their sacrifice for their country.  The song asks the question "does God even care?" in a poetic way, yet returns to the hope that the "River of Peace" will satisfy as an answer for now:

 Ours is not to question why
 Ours is just to live and try
 To settle for the answer
 Whatever it might be
While not the eternal classic and crossover mega-hit that "Butterfly Kisses" has become, "River of Peace" is sure to be a song that resonates with both parents and veterans for a long time.  Have Kleenex ready.

Fans of Bob Carlisle will enjoy this new collection of tunes because it's more of the same formula that has made him a household name.  While not breaking much new ground musically, Nothing But The Truth__ gives the listener a varied mix of adult pop ("Forgiveness"), gritty vocal rock ("Lay Your Hands On Me'), and weepy ballads ("River of Peace" and "After All").  The sole departure into new territory, "The Truth (La Verdad)," is a Carlos Santana-flavored jam session, mixing rock, funk, and mid-tempo salsa.  Carlisle also throws in covers of "Love Is the Answer" and an updated, funky "Baby, Baby" for good measure.  Producer Regie Hamm has captured the sound that IS Bob Carlisle, and packaged it in a palatable, radio-friendly format.

Having found his niche as the Christian Michael Bolton, Bob Carlisle continues to deliver solid songwriting and well-produced music to his targeted audience of fathers, families, and fans of contemporary Christian music.

Zik Jackson 8/16/2000



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