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Book of Secrets
Artist: Balance of Power
Label: Point Music (Eur)/Nightmare Records (US) 
Length: 9 tracks 

Ten More Tales of Grand Illusion
Artist: Balance of Power
Label: Massacre Records(Eur) /Nightmare Records(US) 
Length: 10 tracks

Book of Secrets (Quick Time)
Ten More Tales(Quick Time)

When I dropped Ten More Tales in and heard the great opening, I immediately fell in love with this band. I feared it was going to be ruined by a lousy singer. Thankfully, I was wrong.  Lance King's vocals are perfect for the music. These releases bring back many memories of the best prog rock past (Yes immediately come to mind) but with a new modern sound. Fans of Dream Theater and Queensryche will find much to like here. Balance of Power are a melodic rock band from Brighton, England which manages to combine solid rock and melody with a progressive edge, never forgetting that the song is important.  Book of Secrets is their second album released in the summer of 1998. The band's third album Ten More Tales of Grand Illusion  is their most recently recent.  Thanks to Nightmare Records, these are both available in the US. 

Book of Secrets is an album with a theme based on the book called The Bible Code by Michael Drosnin. This inspired the theme that links the songs together. "Walking On Top of the World" like many of the songs has a fast pace, some cool lyrics, and killer vocals. The lyrics are overtly Christian, such as, "When Heaven Calls Your Name" :

And He will wipe out every tear from their
Eyes and death will be no more.
No mourning, no outcry nor pain be anymore.
The lyrics in Ten More Tales of Grand Illusion generally more subtle:
Thereís a place thatís soft and warm itís a shelter from the storm
Thereís a whisper in the air if I call you will You hear
("Blind Man") 
Ten More Tales is slightly heavier and more powerful sounding.  The guitars seem to dominate more which is understandable since the keyboard player left and guest keyboardists are filling his spot which means there are still some excellent keys  present. The production is great in both releases and the cds practically demand to be played very loud like most prog music. All instruments are well-mixed and they all sound great. 

Start to finish, these are great CDs. No mediocre Christian band here. If you're into prog metal give, you have to give these guys a try.

Shari Lloyd 4/25/00

Book of Secrets 

Ten More Tales of Grand Illusion 

Riffs rock, vocals screech, harmonies do, drums drive and the production is top notch as Balance of Power races you through Book of Secrets, a concept album based on The Bible Codes book by Michael Drosrin.   This is the way rock music is supposed to be performed.  Pulsating, searing, lifting up, tearing down and hitting home with a positive message. 

The second release by the current line up of Balance of Power with Lance King on vocals is no disappointment.  The same tight harmonies and instrumentation that wowed me on the above mentioned disc is carried through on Ten More Tales.  The album starts on a lyrically dark mode with the Victory coming through in the end.

If you're missing that good old rock n roll, then Balance of Power is for you.  They're another great reason to put an extra nail in the coffin of grunge.

Sam Hagedorn (6/10/2000)



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