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The Boy With The Aluminium Stilts
Artist: The Autumns
Label: Risk Records
Length: 3 tracks/12.59 minutes

Boy w/ the Aluminum Stilts
Lotus Leaves

Well placed in an independent music scene which is saying farewell to the glut of emo bands and for which the sounds of OK Computer are taking their place alongside a long list of major influences, The Autumns have found a way to be passionate without angst and atmospheric without over-emphasis on distortion.

They make plenty use of the e-bow as the twin guitars conspire between them to draw the perimeter and fill in the intricate details. The band's cover of the Cocteau Twins's "Garlands" is clearly their own, but also reveals the delicate experimental guitar work of the Cocteaus to be another influence, beyond recent indie rock trends and more mainstream acts such as Radiohead. The three tracks are expansive in vision and sound, clearly transmitting the emotion of the pieces, even if the diction isn't always clear enough to convey the lyrics without careful inspection.

A promising three tracks from a band who deserve much wider attention. The length of this release doesn't allow the band to bring the fullness of their creativity to bear, but it is a promising stepping stone, tiding their growing fanbase over before the next full-length release.

James Stewart 1/15/2000


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