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the language I think in
Artist: Audity
Label: N*Soul Records
Length: 14 tracks/70:09 minutes

Audity released his first major full length on N*soul records and it is one of the best dance records on the shelves today. Audity (T. Hiber) has been around for a few years in the underground dance scene. Audity is poised to make a major splash in electronic dance music with this record and with his inclusion on an Astralwerks/Virgin compilation record that will be played all over the county at raves and clubs.

The songs on the “…language I think in” CD are well built and never boring. Starting out with the cello at 8, and learning the piano by 11, Audity began with classical music and moved into dance music bringing a great sense of style and construction with him. Audity brings many elements to each track with swooping synths, driving and booming bass and drum, and spacey sonics throughout. The CD also occasionally features some lovely singing from an unnamed soulful female siren over the elegant electronica. Audity has bridged some styles with “the language I think in,” going past dance reaching out to all fans of electronic/industrial music. Forget the last Madonna dance record, this is where it’s all happening.

Tony LaFianza  4/10/2000



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