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meet your maker
Artist: Aieris
Label: UK Indie
Length: 4 tracks/19.01 minutes
Scottish music seems to be enjoying something of a renaissance in Christian circles, with quite a number of bands hitting the recording studios. One among them is Aieris, whose debut EP has been garnering some radio play with its early 90s alternative influenced sounds.

The sound is faintly derivative of a range of bands, with a distinct Pearl Jam touch in places, but the band does a fairly good job of making it their own. The band shares vocal duties across the CD's four tracks and each brings something different to the mix. The production is a little rough in places. The electric tracks could do with some more variation in the textures, but the acoustic offerings have been captured pretty well.

Aieris have already started preparing for this EP's follow-up. This is a fairly solid first release and with a bit more time and money that next release should be well worth a listen.

James Stewart  06/11/2000


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