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Exchanging Truth For a Lie
Artist:  America Gomorrah
Label:  independent

Truth for a Lie
More than a Carpenter
Better Man

America Gomorrah are an oddity.  They play hard prog rock, with a few interesting arrangements, some keyboards, and skillful musicianship--but they shy away from real experimentation and the dramatic tempo and time changes standard to prog.  The guitars have that default '80s heavy metal tone, not too heavy or light.  The mixing is okay, with each instrument nicely separated, but the sonics lack fullness overall.  Beyond the mild progressive trappings, everything about them is strangely basic: their rhythms, lead solos, mid-range hard rock vocals, and mostly conventional choruses and songs.  It's almost like one member fancies himself a prog rocker and the others just want to be in a hard rock band. 

You can tell by the album title and band name that America Gomorrah eschew the intelligent or imaginative lyrics typical of prog rock for basic fundamentalist cliches of struggling against the flesh, end times, slamming relativism, and Jesus. The song titles and many of the phrases are taken straight from the Bible.  Such lyrics combined with underachieving music will ward off most prog fans and non-believers, but America Gomorrah should definitely attract the tiny remnant of "sold out" Christian metal heads. 

Josh Spencer         9/30/00 


Josh Spencer, contributing senior associate editor for The Phantom Tollbooth for over two years, is also publisher and editor-in-chief of spiritual pop culture webzine Stranger Things.  Reviews and articles by him are usually simultaneously published in some form at


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