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Live: Proof That the Youth are Revolting
Artist: Five Iron Frenzy
Label: Five Minute Walk
Length: 18 tracks/ 71:47 minutes

A Flowery Song
It's Not Unusual
Receive Him

Five Iron's wacky shows are always a lot of high energy fun. One never knows what to expect-- glam rocker Stryper outfits at this last years Cornerstone. Well, finally this energy has somehow captured on CD. Playing songs from all three of their releases plus a few new songs too, these guys attempted to capture a live show and generally succeed. The sound is studio quality. While there was some touch up in the studio, this never loses that live feel. From start to finish, this record is packed with almost 72 minutes of zany humor including a cover of 5IF version of Vengeance Rising's "Receive Him" to a cover of Las Vegas' Tom Jones'--"It's Not Unusual." Hopefully you'll find your old favorites here.

Five Iron keeps you on edge through their entire set. These guys deliver the goods with almost unmatchable energy and humor.  This release is mandatory for fans and a great introduction to 5IF if by some chance you haven't heard them before.

Shari Lloyd 1/30/2000



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