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See What Happens From Here
Artist: Twotimer 
Label: Screaming Giant 
Length: 13 tracks/39:21 minutes


There's been so much punk music released on Screaming Giant lately that one could easily get lost in the fray of three piece bands, and then view this label as a whole rather than for the individual bands they put out. But this album shook up that trend. Leaving behind the norm, Twotimer comes out with a solid pop punk debut.

Prepare for a 4/4 verse with a double time chorus. In that you will get a chance to hear some great melodic, power chords. Almost like taking some melodies of "The Get Up Kids" (a renowned emo/post-punk outfit) and putting it in the mix of MxPx. And the outcome is worth listening to....for a while.

The vocalist has the same nasal tone and delivery as his counterpart in Craig's Brother, but with more subtlety. Twotimer could easily appeal to fans of that band, especially those looking for more of a ministry-focus.

But even their ministry-focus couldn't push this band over the edge.  The biggest enemy of this album is the monotony. Listeners need to have more substance to entertain. Had this been a 5 song EP, people would be left wanting more, not less. They have the talent, now they should work more on putting out songs that stand out, and break the mould. Melodies are these guys's strength, but routine is their weakness. Just the same, even within the monotony, lie some great songs.

Justin W. Jones 5/19/2000


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