The Phantom Tollbooth

Share the ride! The 2012 Ride Board is Open!

The Cornerstone Festival ride board is designed to bring together wanna-be travelers with excess capacity vehicles. Want riders to C'stone? Post here. Want a ride? Ditto. The rest is up to you.

We are trying a different format this year. Your requests and offers for rides will be posted using a message board format. Click on the “” button below to post your announcement.  Please post your offer under the correct state.

Message Hints: Put your location in the subject line, and if you need or are offering a ride.

Example: “Houston--need ride” “New Hampshire—offering ride”

In the body of your message, include as much detail as possible (number of seats, when you plan to go, when you want to return), but USE DISCRETION--this is a public forum. Do not offer too much personal information, i.e. your address, or phone number.

ONCE YOU HAVE YOUR RIDE ARRANGED: post another message to let everyone know.

You must be 18 to post on the Cornerstone Festival ride board.

We reserve the right to remove any posts we consider to be inappropriate.

Disclaimer:The Cornerstone Festival ride board simply as a service. No warranty is expressed or implied by this service. Participants do so at their own risk. Use good sense. Check references, carry insurance. Individuals under the age of eighteen are not permitted to post.



To the Ride Board

Post any problems to the General Questions Section of the board.