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Ed Palermo’s Big Band explores Zappa and more on the band’s newest release…

elms last bandThe Indiana-based band gives its jubilant all as it bows out.

The Exkursions_-_The_ExkursionsThe Exkursions mix grove, fuzz, blues, and hard rock together for a classic Christian rock album that is finally seeing the light of digital day thanks to Born Twice Records.

fryefamilyAll in all, The Frye Family Band reaches its audience with appealing lyrics, arrangements and a good blend of voices.

The Healing, Childhood Home as reviewed in The Phantom Tollbooth

For an inaugural release, The Healing has laid a strong foundation for a bright future.

TranseamusThe vocal quartet’s swansong leaves a ghostly echo in the brain

imitationgameLooking Through Glass Prisms

pick-of-the-monthThe Jeff Green Project - Elder Creek album cover, as reviewed on The Phantom TollboothElder Creek is a great example of new-wave or crossover prog, and tells a story of memory.  A unique mix of symphonic prog, psychedelic rock, folk ballad, and classical mythology, this is an uplifting album with the power to entertain, encourage, and invigorate.

Profit feels more like a Ty Tabor solo record than on the first three projects.

themazerunnerFans of the popular book series The Maze Runner can finally see their beloved characters come to life on the big screen.

neal morse grand experiment, pick of the monthThis is an album that demands a physical reaction (in my case: air guitar, air drums and random punching the sky) but it is also chock-full of a spiritual power and musical excellence. Virtually guaranteed a place in the 2015 best-ofs and surely a career best for Morse? In many places it's virtually perfect.

The Neverclaim, Neverclaim as reviewed in Phantom Tollbooth

Sounding like a cross between Third Day and Needtobreathe, they both excite and mellow with a 10-song collection.

rsz brill bruisers



One of the New Pornographers' trademark elements of their overall sound are the vocal arrangements, and they are sounding fabulous here.

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