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sucreRoses are red, violets are blue, Sucré is sweet and so is A Minor Bird.

Supernal Sky 2New Christian prog that shows classic rock influences along with traces of Morse, Transatlantic, Glass Hammer and ...Petra?

Sweet and Lynchpick of the month...a collaboration by musicians that are masters at what they do, and what they do is produce heavy rock and roll with one foot in the here-and-now and the other foot on a stage somewhere in the heart of classic rock.

Sweet WaitingThe Sweet Comfort Band returns! The funk and jazz are still there, now with almost three decades of maturing as artists thrown in as well. Worth the wait...

Streaming Out the Day manages to take the best aspects of various genres to create a new kind of jazzy prog for a more domesticated audience.

pick-of-the-month. Michael Sweet I am not your suicide. Solo Sweet: a Stryper fan's treat – Michael hasn't gone saccharine....

Michael Sweet solo, with friends – a solid, heavy effort with a little more grit than usual….

There’s plenty to bang your head to on this project, air-guitar moments galore, and enough gritty but operatic metal vocal licks to challenge the toughest of vocal chords ….

Switchfoot FadingThere comes a time in a group's evolution where they logically have to stop the forward momentum and explore the musical territory around them. Switchfoot is testing new musical waters.

Fading West, Switchfoot continue to seek out fresh soundscapes. Sometimes it produces classics, but are there enough classics underneath the fine dressing?

Native Tongue is the quintessential Switchfoot album … a pop music smorgasbord.

Switchfoot - Vice Verses as reviewed in The Phantom TollboothOn their eighth studio album (the second one recorded in their own studio), Switchfoot sounds like they're flexing their musical muscles and exploring the boundaries of their pop-rock foundation...

Switchfoot - Vice Verses Cover.jpeg90 Now we have a new standard to measure Switchfoot by...

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