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Steve Taylor Goliathpick-of-the-monthThe heart of rock and roll is still beating - and Furler, Abegg, Painter and Taylor are holding paddles, just in case.

Tea Club The Grappling Album Cover as reviewed on The Phantom TollboothGrappling succeeds Quickly, Quickly, Quickly as another refined work in The Tea Club’s expanding library.

Telepath Crush as reviewed in the Phantom TollboothEclectic with a capital E, Telepath’s sophisticated beats take you right around the world.

Tenth Avenue North - The Struggle as Reviewed by The Phantom TollboothCan Donehey & Co.'s third effort top their daunting debut?

This rock band’s EP is based around mental health issues in a way that makes it simple for many to identify with.

Terry Quiett Band, Just My Luck as reviewed in Phantom TollboothLike the sound of Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Steve Miller? Read on….

So many different styles, but it hangs together on its classic British rock sound.

Is High Noon as good as Johnny Cash? Doubtful, but in terms of new music, it’s the next best thing.

Well, just when I thought there were no genre mash ups left – and Malcolm McLaren’s mix of punk and opera was a strange one – we now have folk artists covering disco songs. Does it work?

TheBigMotif-DoesItWeighHeavyThe Big Motif displays talent and heart well beyond the collective age of every band member, while mixing together everything that was great about music from decades past.

The Blest of The Blind Teeth Victory Band album cover Not all the Christianny music rebels get their due. Jamie Lee Rake rights that injustice with this review.

The Black Keys Turn Blue as reviewed on The Phantom Tollbooth Overall, I like this record, though it's taken me a few listens to get past the El Camino comparisons and allow this release to stand on its own merits.

Bluesmasters Volume two. Some good blues from The Bluesmasters, who might do better with a little more of that muddy water......

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