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Ereic_Baker_90Eric Baker sounds right at home on his mature-sounding debut, full of thoughtful lyrics and a solid classic rock/pop musical foundation...

todd-ballard-anthems 90

Electric guitar may be anathema in some circles; it serves a higher purpose here.

Dominic Balli American Dream reviewed in Phantom Tollbooth This polished, reggae-spiced CCM is easy on the ear, but harder to get very excited about.

bamboPerfectoThe real star of the album is the ensemble playing, live in the studio – funky jazz fusion with the kind of back-and-forth that only comes when human beings play together.

Sara Banleigh Folk EP as reviewed in Phantom TollboothTime-tested stories get the raw treatment

Sarah Baquet - Keep Me as reviewed in Phantom TollboothEvery lyric is praise, worship, and a reflection of Christian life.

Barnabas - Approaching Light Speed (Legends Remastered)The third album by the now-fully-heavy-metal band Barnabas continues the remaster series from Retroactive Records. Approaching Light Speed is a no-holds barred heavy metal assault on the senses that leap-fogged the band over most metal competition of the day by a long shot.

Barnabas - Feel the Fire (Legends Remastered)The fourth album by the Barnabas saw the band reaching the pinnacle of their metal evolution. Retroactive Records continues the re-issue train with Feel the Fire, showcasing a band that had finally gelled together and perfected the sonic direction they were shooting for.

Barnabas - Find Your Heart a HomeThe second album by the hard rock legends Barnabas gets the remaster treatment from Retroactive Records. Find Your Heart a Home takes Barnabas one last step towards heavy metal, while still bringing in some varied sounds from their last album.

The first album by the legendary Barnabas gets the remaster treatment from Retroactive Records. Hear the Light finds Barnabas experimenting with various sounds, but always pointing towards the heavy metal heavy weights they would later become.

Barnabas - Little Foxes (Legends Remastered)The fifth and final album by Barnabas serves as a fitting end to the bands career. Little Foxes proved that the band didn't just get lucky with two good albums (like so many other metal bands did). Retroactive Records concludes the epic re-issue series in style.

Never Look_Back_90God inhabits stark places as well as places of plenty.

When you’ve been a part of Jethro Tull for so long, anything you put out as a solo offering is inevitably going to be compared with the group’s vast catalogue (and probably listeners will be secretly hoping it matches the best).

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