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The first album by the legendary Barnabas gets the remaster treatment from Retroactive Records. Hear the Light finds Barnabas experimenting with various sounds, but always pointing towards the heavy metal heavy weights they would later become.

Never Look_Back_90God inhabits stark places as well as places of plenty.

Crossing Over waxes eloquent both lyrically and instrumentally, combining atmospheric elements with a strong metal vibe.

John Bassett - Unearth as reviewed on The Phantom TollboothUnearth is a great solo album. It's a break from John Bassett's typical work and an opportunity for him to expand different avenues of writing. Melodic, haunting, and soul-searching, this is one that will both please your ears and leave you with plenty to think about afterwards.

JesusMusicAgainA little nostalgia, a lot of musical integrity, and some flat-out great songs. Jesus Music Again will make you a believer...

 There’s no holding back the best material for solo projects, as the two singer-songwriters complement each other beautifully on a fast-flowing stream of tunes. Fans of both should be thrilled.

Adam BeattieWith a hangdog tone, distinctive stoic voice and a touch of dark humour, this jazz-inflected singer-songwriter collection is quite unique.

  Bedford is a storyteller, evoking past ages, and a poet with a fine sense of melody.

believerI have to admit that I was intrigued by these guys being on Metal Blade Records.

Keening for the DawneditedA thoughtful, exquisitely rendered and exceedingly broad Christmas recording

Kindness 90 Don’t overlook Kindness on the way to Pilgrimage

Pilgrimage 90 pick-of-the-month Pilgrimage is a journey worth taking. 

 Bell’s most mature effort makes the Good Way inviting

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