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AtkinsMayJudas Priest founder Al Atkins gets together with Christian Guitarist Paul May to see if oil and water can produce Metal...

audioA90So here's Kevin Max fronting Audio Adrenaline and the question is, are we getting a watered-down Max or a Maxed-up Audio A? The good news is, fans of both are going to be happy

Is Amerexotica a thing? It is now. This enjoyable singer-songwriter fare is only improved by its Indian decoration.

BMO Poinium Cherem. If there was a heavy house band at Westboro Baptist, they might sound like this…

Backhand - Through the Turbulence as reviewed on The Phantom TollboothThrough the Turbulence accomplishes exactly what its title suggests: the album is full of frenetic solos and rapid sections, and deals with heavy thematic elements, but also showcases the musicians' appreciation for intense dynamic changes and quality songwriting.

bacon-brosKevin Bacon makes the feel good summer album of the year. Really.

If any musical realm should be open to physically handicapped performers, it's contemporary Christian music.

 The highlights on this disc come from very different places, whether an arms-aloft-and-swaying anthemic chorus, experimental pop or a timeless bluesy ballad. Her beautifully nuanced vocal brings it all together.

Dave Bainbridge Celestialpick-of-the-monthCelestial Fire's sweeping, often majestic music combined with thoughtful and literate lyrics create a one-two punch to both spirit and soul, resulting in a listening experience as devotional as it is entertaining.

Dave Bainbridge CelestialNever one to use a straight 4/4 when a 13/12 rhythm will do, Bainbridge's musical spirit flies free on this prog tribute, as colourful, rich and majestic as the Hubble image that covers the digipak.

Inspired by such musicians as Jack Bruce & Keith Jarrett this collection of twelve improvised pieces is somewhat reminiscent of the piano release that Charlie Peacock put out a few years ago.

The multi-instrumentalist lays down all his other options to concentrate on solo piano. The midnight mood comes through.

With its thin card sleeve, this may appear to be a humble budget update to the Dave Bainbridge canon, but don’t underestimate the enjoyment it contains.

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