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Since 1996

Dave Bainbridge and friends bring the Celestial Fire experience from beyond these shores right into your eyes and ears...

If not the new Iona, it is at least an interim one – and a version that fulfills some of its dreams.

celldweller celloutI prefer what Klayton puts out in mini-discs over someone the likes of Moby anyday.

Grady Champion Dreamin' as reviewed in The Phantom TollboothThis likeable blues singer returns with a studio project that's almost too optimistic to be blues, but gets there just the same.

Grady Champion Tough Times Don't LastChampion mixes blues, funk and soul like an artisan. Welcome to the essence of the electric South.

Joy SCCeditedFilled with variety and cheer, Joy is one of the best releases of the season.

recreation 90God again brings good out of tragedy, and listeners glimpse it here.

Glorious Unfolding 90Millions of records sold and numerous awards can’t compare with Chapman’s advocacy for orphans and this wistful, elegant recording.

i-am-chasing-lightNow here is a band that I’m confident would have been signed by Brandon Ebel to the Tooth & Nail label – had he known of their existence.

Gina Chavez Up Rooted as reviewed in Phantom Tollbooth

Nothing short of one artist’s hallmark, this collection embodies Gina Chavez as an artist of her own right.

Andy Cherry as reviewed in Phantom TollboothDavid Gray meets David Crowder in a fine praise album

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