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John Misunderstood Messiah 90

Card’s reflections on the life of Christ never get old

MarkCover 90Card’s insightful commentary inspires these songs.

matthew card 90In a world where the visual holds sway, Card remains word-oriented, concerned more with substance than style.

Jason Carter, Helsinki projectCarter's eclectic mix of flamenco, classical, world (and a little electronica) stretches from the snowfields of Finland to African deserts.

Harp guitarist extraordinaire Carter continues to make each release different – and this warm, simple and clean instrumental release is among his most complete, accessible and satisfying works.

eliza-carthy-neptune-cdCarthy is exhilarating in her passion for invention

Casting Crowns - Come to the Well, as reviewed by The Phantom TollboothIn the autumn of 1981, Ric Ocasek and his cohorts in The Cars exhorted us to shake it up. Some three decades later, the members of Casting Crowns seem to have taken that advice to heart.

casting crowns acoustic sessions volume 1. It may just be a ‘greatest hits’ with quieter guitar than usual, but it is still a strong collection.

Dave Bainbridge and friends bring the Celestial Fire experience from beyond these shores right into your eyes and ears...

If not the new Iona, it is at least an interim one – and a version that fulfills some of its dreams.

celldweller celloutI prefer what Klayton puts out in mini-discs over someone the likes of Moby anyday.

Grady Champion Dreamin' as reviewed in The Phantom TollboothThis likeable blues singer returns with a studio project that's almost too optimistic to be blues, but gets there just the same.

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