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Yossi Sassi - Desert Butterflies album cover as reviewed on The Phantom Tollboothpick-of-the-monthDesert Butterflies has all the elements of music that I love: inventive use of themes, blurring of genre lines, technical performance, attentiveness to melody, and solid performance. The pioneer of "Oriental Rock," Yossi Sassi delivers a memorable sophomore album.

People are always asking, ‘hey, where’s all the good Japanese prog music?’ Well, okay – they might not be asking, but here’s the answer anyway – Yuka and Chronoship!

Dan ZimmerDreamFalling somewhere between folk and film noir soundtrack, the hard-to-nail down sound would be at home in a smoky bistro or ripping it up in a small rock club. Gee – they could have even been the band in David Lynch's Twin Peaks...

3907Much can be said about "music without words"

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