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Club d Elf as reviewed in Phantom TollboothGinger Baker’s musical love-child goes clubbing around the world

Tara Leigh Cobble Come Back Soon album cover. "I will come again and take you where I am." A nicely done change of pace.

tcobbleListen carefully and enjoy, and drink it all in deeply . . . But not too deeply . . . .

tlc90pxIt is fun to hear this indie singer/songwriter's influences and personal favorites through this EP of covers.

slice olifeA set like this – both lyrics and guitar-work – shows clearly why some people believe that he is one of Canada’s best musical exports

cockburnHas Bruce ever been this chilled, consistent and witty? Nice lot of instrumentals, too.

jeff coffin airYou've got all the funky, jazzy grooves you can ask for on Jeff Coffin and The Mu'tet's latest release: Into The Air...

Cold War Kids reviewed in The Phantom TollboothI love the Cold War Kids. . . I honestly hope this record tanks for them so they get back to writing real songs instead of trying to emulate what's currently popular. . .

Condrey Keeps on ChangingKeeps on Changing exceeds what I expect from a large-church worship project in approach, songwriting and integrity.

Coro Allegro - In Paradisum cover. An award-winning Boston-based choral group tackles original composition.

Corvus Stone II Album Cover as reviewed on The Phantom TollboothCorvus Stone II is an eclectic collection of songs from an eclectic combination of musicians, a varying journey through elements of funk, jazz, psychedelic rock, and Canterbury prog.

Corvus Stone Unscrewed Album Cover as reviewed on The Phantom TollboothUnscrewed maintains the quirky, self-aware, musical satire that characterizes the band’s previous material, and is a collection of radically transformed tracks from Corvus Stone I and II.

andrae live cdThe best of Andrae Crouch, live – with one of the most powerful big gospel bands you'll hear anywhere!

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