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Unspoken Get to Me. You may have heard this soulful pop-rock before – several times, by others

Feeling the Son after four seasons of winter

unspoken1It doesn't take long to find yourself singing along with the compelling lyrics of Unspoken.

First full length from the creators of “Surrounded (Fight My Battles)”

VdGG Live at Metropolis as reviewed in Phantom TollboothDifficult, yes, but this band still has something unique.

Frank van Essen has brought the yin and yang of percussion and melody together in a breathtaking musical alchemy that produces sound-pictures for the contemplative heart…

This instrumental project is a suitable background for prayer and meditation, but is interesting enough to play on its own.

You don’t get too many musicians who can play both drums and violin, but when you do it can bring into being a beautifully balanced - and inspired - set of music.

This set is like time travel – soulful singer-songwriter Vance recording in Alabama's iconic FAME studios, where the late Rick Hall masterminded some of the greatest sounds of the ‘sixties. It is a fine match.



This is one to grow into, play by play. Its urgent compassion, intrinsic soulfulness, hopeful spirit and luscious tunefulness are too rich to wear out easily... and you get plenty of that Van Morrison grit-and-growl.

Jeremy Vanderloop All Creation Sings. This collection of worship songs underperforms in most areas

It takes a foreign record company to give a slice of U.S. musical history its respect due on this essential-listening project.

Escape To The Lake 2014 Sampler as reviewed in The Phantom Tollbooth pick-of-the-monthThrough the brief sampling offered on this download, it is easy to imagine yourself floating effortlessly in a sailboat on Lake Geneva waiting for the concerts at dusk. See you there in 2015!

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