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The Phantom Tollbooth - Past Music Reviews

The Phantom Tollbooth

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Since 1996

matt-wertz-snow-globe 90For those who love everything about Christmas.

Another hook-filled, hard rock album with an indie, singer/songwriter bend, A Way You’ll Never Be is the distillation of John Wesley’s past projects and a conception of music that is raw and unapologetic.

leslie climbingA testament to a rock icon that's seen his share of mountains and has decided to keep climbing...

Western Swing Authority All Dolled Up album cover. This is a strong CD for fans of country western music and enough familiarity with certain songs (reference Mancini) for fans of music, period.

Lisa Weyerhaueser Caught In Time And Space as reviewed in Phantom Tollbooth

Caught In Time & Place is just that, a rendering and memorial to a special musician now caught in a time and a place.

Despite the quality guest appearances, there’s not much to excite on this one.

the gospel jazzKirk Whalum gives us enough instrumental jazz to make the jazz fan happy while throwing in some jazz-tinged pop/funk/R&B on the side. And a McCartney tune...?!

Where The Light Shines Through is a noteworthy addition to the Switchfoot collector being fun and easy to listen to.

Distressor by Whirr as reviewed in The Phantom Tollbooth. This album is a bombastic form of post-rock like I've never heard before.

Jack White Lazaretto as reviewed at Phantom Tollbooth This whole album makes me want to rummage through Jack White's record collection and see what sort of gems he's drawing his inspiration from.

Whitesnake The Purple Album, David Coverdale wants to go out the way he came in. The set list is magnificent and the playing impassioned.

There’s deep beauty coming out of pain in that cabin in the woods.

bright-portal-whittingtonA definite sound that blends several different instruments to create a unique sound showing the artist's creativity.

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