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Evolving Seeds of Glory is an hour of inspirational prog that can be enjoyed with or without your own spiritual involvement                                                                                                                                

City of refuge copyIt’s almost Nugrass, but with an exotic oriental edge. This a fascinating mix, superbly executed.

Waterdeep2014 COVER2pick of the monthLori and Don Chaffer offer two distinct 'sides' of Waterdeep on this self-titled double-disc set.

Themes of love and loss permeate Young in All the Wrong Ways

Stands up against any Nickel Creek side project, and surpasses quite a few of them.

Can a finer tribute to “Hallelujah” be found?

WeCame 4 reviewWe Came From Space creates prog-heavy pop with enough edge to keep things visceral, and enough intelligent composition and virtuosic playing to keep things musically exciting.

Here’s a band that has learned how to use their best musical influences to combine considerable chops and solid songwriting skills, creating brilliant pop-inspired prog

While You Were Away
We Came From Space

12 tracks 53:43


Derek Webb & Sandra McCracken, TN EP as reviewed in Phantom TollboothWebb and McCracken's vocals and styles play well off each other.


Derek Webb - CTRL ReviewWebb has created a tool for us to use for our spiritual self-improvement.

Derek Webb's Democracy Vol. 1 & 2. Very few musicians would put themselves ‘out there’ with their audience to not only perform songs of the audience’s choosing, but also to compose around the original and pull it off with such success.

Derek Webb Feedback. In three movements, the musical offering is ambitious, emotionally moving, artistically generous, and wonderful to listen to (try headphones).

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