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Distressor by Whirr as reviewed in The Phantom Tollbooth. This album is a bombastic form of post-rock like I've never heard before.

Jack White Lazaretto as reviewed at Phantom Tollbooth This whole album makes me want to rummage through Jack White's record collection and see what sort of gems he's drawing his inspiration from.

Whitesnake The Purple Album, David Coverdale wants to go out the way he came in. The set list is magnificent and the playing impassioned.

There’s deep beauty coming out of pain in that cabin in the woods.

bright-portal-whittingtonA definite sound that blends several different instruments to create a unique sound showing the artist's creativity.

Phil Wickham_90A powerful God calls for powerful worship

With their beautiful harmonies and songs that feel distinctly original, this exciting new trio has already produced one of my best-of-2017 picks.

Joy Williams, Venus as reviewed in The Phantom Tollbooth

If you’re searching for the Williams of the past you won’t find her here.

K Williamsedited“Only You” puts the focus where it belongs, on Jesus only.

Let Them Fall in Love features the artist in fresh musical contexts, as strong as ever, and revealing musical facets of this gem of a performer that we’ve never heard before...

CeCe Winans’ teams up again with her son, Alvin Love III, to produce a Christmas album in classic form – stately, lush, filled with Christmas songs old and new, and of course that soulful voice...

Marvin Experience 90Marvin Winans brings us to church. So what did you expect? George Beverly Shea? Try Mary Mary and Donnie McClurkin for starters, as if Marvin himself wasn't enough.....

Jesse Woods, Get Your Burdens Lifted as reviewed in The Phantom Tollbooth

We might well hear more of Wood’s music in the future.

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