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Tony Fire 90 jpgThis rock-minded acoustic self-release has several surprises.  I wish there were more like him – inventive types, who wait until they have quality material and then give it their best shot.

Too Slim and the Taildraggers Shiver as reviewed in The Phantom TollboothVisceral blues with passion, outstanding playing and intelligent songs.

TDQ Well 90This excellent serving of chilled jazz one is already on my short list for the best of 2012.

Tord 4tet ExtendedThis is pretty much everything I expect meditative jazz to be: elegant, moody, lyrical and peaceful; organically human, yet cut with spiritual shards of light.

David Torn Only Sky. Very much a solo rock/free jazz guitar effort, this has atmosphere, but also a level of self-indulgence that put prog on a life-support system for twenty years.

Amonafi Daby ToureWith his wining mix of African rhythms and Western pop sensibilities, Touré has produced a set of songs that should be enjoyable, wherever you live.

tourniquetThis metal stew serves up a chockfull righteous in-yer-face goodness that refuses to let up.

Stuart Townend, The Paths of Grace. The rootsier, folky part of the Townend-Gettys partnership offers some typically thoughtful songs on his 9th studio collection.

Hymn-meister Townend blends the everyday with eternity in his latest batch of organic, Celtic-flavoured songs.

Spaces in Between by TracerLooking for some new hard rock to heat up a dull winter day? Austrailia's Tracer might be just the fix you need.

Transatlantic kaleidoscopeKaleidoscopes tend to mesmerize the eyes. Transatlantic's new project just might do the same to you, but through your ears....

Transatlantic kaliveoscopeThe real treat here is the visceral element of live ensemble playing by these masters of prog ...technical chops combined with a good dose of passion and more than a little fun.

TransEnoughA real post-Thanksgiving treat from Transatlantic: more than 3 hours of live progressive rock performed by masters of the genre.....

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