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pick-of-the-monthchoir weaverThe Choir creates music that will make you want to close your eyes and sink into the vibe, with lyrics that will make you feel, think, and maybe even have a transcendental experience

pick-of-the-monthchoir weaverYou might find yourself headbanging, only for your head to slip into drifting mode. Those masters of intelligent, melodious shoegaze have upped the intensity for this one. Again, this time it’s personal.

The-Choir-Loudest90Psychedelia for the spirit, pop-angst, a twelve-step inspired sighing of the spirit with a little rambunctiousness on the side.... call it what you will, it still sounds like The Choir to me – and that's a good thing.

Choir Loudest Sound reviewed on Phantom Tollbooth The Choir is clearly on its most consistent and prolific run since the early days – and how welcome is that!

The Civil Wars - The Civil Wars as reviewed in Phantom Tollbooth

There is growth, truth in message, and thought-provoking story found in The Civil Wars.

Civil Wars TBone Burnett - A Place At The Table as reviewed in Phantom TollboothT-Bone Burnett and The Civil Wars producing a dark, smoky musical vision of an important and often forgotten issue.

Many songwriters are covering the bizarre political climate across the States and Europe, but who uses black humour like The Decemberists? This one is like Roxy Music making a soundtrack to a David Lynch film about a George Orwell novel.

Ed Palermo’s Big Band explores Zappa and more on the band’s newest release…

elms last bandThe Indiana-based band gives its jubilant all as it bows out.

The Exkursions_-_The_ExkursionsThe Exkursions mix grove, fuzz, blues, and hard rock together for a classic Christian rock album that is finally seeing the light of digital day thanks to Born Twice Records.

fryefamilyAll in all, The Frye Family Band reaches its audience with appealing lyrics, arrangements and a good blend of voices.

Earthy, but mystical, this pop-up folk quartet drift through traditional Irish songs “tackling love, poverty and oppression.”

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