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This is an album that gives gravitas to the pop format without losing the sense of fun. Switchfoot still rocks...

San Diego rockers discover the art of slowing. This is a hip-hoppier version of their sound and it beautifully complements all they have done before, as it reminds us why we love music.

swung 1n2Musicians will appreciate and take notes on the technique displayed here but the album will also delight those who will just want to immerse themselves in the massive grooves...

Tabor Oysterband Ragged Kingdom reviewedThese veterans offer as good a folk album as you will get this year.

Russ Taff is back. The soulful voice returns with a solo album that encapsulates the highlights of his solo career without getting nostalgic….

Take6 oneTake 6 goes back to their roots with a new album, a new member, and a funkier attitude......

John Michael Talbot as interviewed in The Phantom TollboothThe Mass brings out the best in John Michael Talbot.




Talinka’s self-titled album is the sound of a group that seems to have always been there, sharing soulful, mysterious music from shadowy places of the heart….

 Talisco’s airy, widescreen soundscapes have a magic ingredient that gives them instant appeal.

Electronica pioneers reinvent some of their classic work.

Cassie Taylor Blue.Is it really blues? No, but it is a decent bluesy listen with some excellent guitar.

Steve Taylor Goliathpick-of-the-monthThe heart of rock and roll is still beating - and Furler, Abegg, Painter and Taylor are holding paddles, just in case.

Tea Club The Grappling Album Cover as reviewed on The Phantom TollboothGrappling succeeds Quickly, Quickly, Quickly as another refined work in The Tea Club’s expanding library.

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