MIchelle Lynn Thompson - Words That FellThe solo debut EP from one of The Wayside’s vocalists showcases one of many talents in this diverse collection of artists.

Title: Words That Fell
Artist: Michelle Lynn Thompson (thewayside.bandcamp.com)
Label: Independent
Time: 7 tracks/24:15 min.

This is the debut solo EP from Michelle Lynn Thompson of The Wayside – with an emphasis on “solo.” Fans of The Wayside have been enjoying Thompson’s contributions for decades. But this EP is where she really gets to shine on her own. Words That Fell starts off with the rollicking song “Fly,” which seriously makes me want to sing along and play air banjo. If that is actually a thing. “Fly” is probably the most “rocking” song you get on the disc, with most of the remaining songs falling into the Americana acoustic ballad category. The second song – the title track – is a much more somber affair complete with a weeping slide guitar. The piano-driven ballad “Ready” is filled with stirring lyrics like “I am ready for love to take me home.” It almost seems like this is a song written in preparation for shedding the mortal coil. The last track (“How Lucky Am I?”) is a fun love song that stylistically will take you back in time while bringing a smile to your face as you consider the love of your life. Words That Fell is available as a digital download, but I highly recommend the physical CD – each version is custom and top notch on top of that. This EP is a great start to what will hopefully be many more solo outings.

By Matt Crosslin (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


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