Spaces in Between by TracerLooking for some new hard rock to heat up a dull winter day? Austrailia's Tracer might be just the fix you need.

Title: Spaces In Between
Artist: Tracer
Label: Cool Green Recordings
Time: 12 tracks/52:35 min.

Next time you are hanging out somewhere in the neighborhood of AC/DC, Black Sabbath, and Led Zeppelin, you might notice a newer band called Tracer. Sometimes they get confused for a grunge or stoner band. But don’t be fooled – there is a swagger and energy in their music that is often missing in those genres. The guitars are thick, the rhythm section is pounding, and the grooves will get your head moving (along with other possibly some other parts depending on your mood). Lyrics range all over the place from spiritual themes to women problems - and those with sensitive ears might avoid a few songs here and there. The lead off track “Too Much” is just killer rock and roll from beginning to end. The next song starts a bit weak but suddenly picks up half way through. The rest of the album returns to the solid foundation laid by the first track. If you like music in this vein, you will find a new band to like here.

3 and a half Tocks out of five.

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