Third Day Miracle CD cover. “I was scared and I started running
Can't say I never saw it coming
When you hit me like a bomb”
That explosion you hear is the sound of the new Third Day album dropping!

Third Day
Essential Records

Miracle is the band's 12th studio release. This time around Mac Powell & Co. has teamed up with mega producer Brendan O'Brien (Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, Train) and the results are nuclear. This is Third Day on steroids!

O'Brien pushes the band to build on their rock steady signature sound throughout this stellar release. The keys (organ/piano/synths courtesy of O’Brien) pervade their songs like never before, adding greater substance and musical texture. The BGVs are on epic display (they notably lay down some sweet 'oohs' ,'ahhs', ’woahs & ‘nahs’) while Powell steps out of his baritone comfort zone to engage in some ear pleasing falsetto. The production is crisp and clean. Every musical detail literally permeates from the speaker.

The rocking lead track “Hit Me Like A Bomb” is a no-frills wake-up call. The message is loud and clear, God wants your attention and he's gonna get it!

Next comes the feel-good “Kicking And Screaming,” a mid-tempo, toe taper that has radio hit written all over it.

”I Need A Miracle” is one of those inspirational offerings of hope that Third Day does so well.

"He lost his job and all he had in the fall of '09
Now he feared the worst
That he would lose his children and his wife
So he drove down deep into the woods
And thought he'd end it all . . ."

The song goes on to tell the story of a desperate man who is spared on account of the Gospel. With the current state of affairs, this is a timely message for a broken and afflicted people.

”The Victory” is the "We Will Rock You/We are the Champions" of Christian rock, a call to perseverance with a killer redirection more than midway through the song.

”For The Rest Of My Life” soothingly lulls the listener into a sense of security grounded in truth, conveying the type of comfort only a life devoted to Jesus can provide.

A soaring rendition of the classic hymn “Morning Has Broken” ends Miracle on a gloriously reflective note. Once again, Third Day‘s place has been solidified. They remain the gold standard of Christian rock. 

Anthony Castellitto


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