Hymns brings a peaceful, meditative calm but at the same time offers an engaging musical experience for those that come just for the music


Jason Truby



10 tracks / 41:25


“When peace like a river,

attendeth my way,    

When sorrows like sea billows roll; 

Whatever my lot, thou hast taught me to say

It is well, it is well, with my soul”


Although Jason Truby’s wonderful Hymns album is an instrumental project, the words of the great classic songs that many of you might have sung holding an old, barely-bound hymnal in front of you, emerge from the soul welcome, but unbidden – like a faithful friend that shows up by surprise. Now, those of you that grew up in a post-hymnal environment might be saying, “Hey, they got those words from that song the worship team did last week,” but, well… it’s really the other way around. Yes, there are at least two modern praise and worship songs that borrow from that classic (maybe more – it’s only Tuesday as I write this) but the power of the lyrics (the better part of a century and a-half old) still inspires today. Luckily for us, Jason Truby is one of those still being inspired…

Part of the goal of this collection of inspiring instrumentals is, in fact, the healing of the soul. Dedicated to ‘those who are suffering in any way from illness, undergoing treatment, in recovery, or suffering loss,’ and to those who care for them, Hymns brings a peaceful, meditative calm but at the same time offers an engaging musical experience for those that come just for the music. Truby’s finger-style and other techniques create beautifully textured washes of sound embellished by sweeping, melodic passages that are engaging musically while being spiritually evocative for those familiar with the hymns that inspired the playing.

The afore-referenced hymn, “It Is Well With My Soul,” is one of ten tracks brilliantly performed on acoustic guitar but sparingly augmented throughout by such instruments as native American wood flute, pan flute from Thailand, and Koto – all played by Truby, who also mixes in delicate, moving phrases played on electric guitar, sometimes using an Ebow for a more fluid effect. Those familiar with Phil Keaggy’s The Master and the Musician period will no-doubt hear aural similarities.

Of course Truby is a masterful musician (no pun intended) and has played with the likes of Keaggy in the past as well as having a plethora of impressive credits, including a stint with P.O.D. No actual hymns were harmed during the production of those albums…..

By the way, no hymns were harmed here, either. In fact, just the opposite – classics like “Come Thou Fount,” “All Creatures of Our God and King,” “Nothing But The Blood,” and others are respectfully treated, easily recognized, yet treated with Truby’s own special touches in the arrangements. And it’s Truby’s own voice, singing like a whispered prayer: “It is well …with my soul.” I’m betting Jason Truby’s Hymns will be well with your soul, too.

-Bert Saraco