TFK, Oxygen:Inhale as reviewed in The Phantom TollboothAs has always been their case, the album is nearly as good as their live performance.

Artist: Thousand Foot Krutch
Release Date: August 26, 2014
Duration: 10 tracks, 37:29

What? I had to check twice to ensure I was indeed listening to TFK. Then, sitting back with a broad smile, I knew that once again they have successfully morphed! What stands out is TFK’s ability to successfully move forward and not stagnate to a characteristic sound yet be able to reach back to the initial force of their seminal Set It Off energy.

The collection can be broken down into two categories:

The rockers!

  • “Like A Machine” – a new sound with a mix of classic TFK and the blues.
  • “Born This Way” – more early hard rock than seen from TFK in the past.
  • “Give It To Me” - a heavy ‘stage rock’ song with a rocker of a rhythm.
  • “I See Red” – classic TFK story telling with spoken word leading to vocals.
  • “Light Up” – acoustic beginnings and the versatility of Trevor McNevan’s vocals make for another TFK signature song.

On The Lighter Side:

  • “Oxygen” –slow with direct soulful lyrical content, in many ways McNevan’s vocals reminds of Paul Rogers of Bad Company.
  • “In My Room” – slower with great keys and soft, heartfelt message. TFK is one of the few bands today that can consistently pull off hard rock to ballad successfully.
  • “Set Me On Fire” – lighter fare with a flare for the FM Static story telling.
  • “Untraveled Road” – message rock.
  • “Glow” – The classic TFK ballad of praise and worship.

Hot, burning, new and exciting. TFK continues to live and breathe with something new in their offering while continually nurturing their carefully crafted foundation. As has always been their case, the album is nearly as good as their live performance. These new songs easily add to their repertoire and bring the TFK fan to heavy expectations of their next live appearance.

Scott S Mertens