Tim Timmons cast my cares. CCM? Check. The music may have as much variety as his name, but this does have some better lyrical content than the average.

Label: Reunion Records
Time: 11 Tracks / 47 minutes 

A song about relying on God's love? Check.
A song about our weakness and God's strength? Check.
A song about promising to follow God? Check.
A song about trusting God? Check.
A song about victory in God? Check.
A song of praise, with jargon like 'Be lifted high”? Check.
The almost inevitable chorus of “I surrender alll”? Check.
A sound that is virtually indistinguishable from 10 other CCM artists? Check.

That said, Timmons has a greater depth to his songs than many. His prayers for Christians to live beautiful lives (“Start with Me” and “Let's be Beautiful”) feel heartfelt, the latter being a fresher approach than usual; he uses fewer clichés than most; and “I Will Follow Love” engages with real lives in the light of good theology.

Producer Paul Mabury adds a few touches that lift this above the average CCM sound, but he takes no risks. At the start of the album, “It's Your Revolution” promises a few good songs, but as Cast My Cares progresses, it doesn''t develop and one song begins to sound just like several others. By the end, there's nothing memorable or indispensible.


Derek Walker

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