Todd0 1234567These independent anthemettes show the corporates just how fresh praise-based music really can be. Can someone give this man a production job in Nashville?

Label: Independent
Time: 7 Tracks /  25 minutes

You can read this with Todd0 playing underneath:

If you do, you will already be experiencing how Todd0's music has far more impact than the average free-to-download artist, with a production value better than you sometimes get on physical releases – just listen to the introduction and the soaring, heart-swelling close to “Who is This” for a taster.

I find it hard to hear this EP without thinking of Ian Eskelin's unpretentious and energetic British sound in bands like All Star Utd. Each track is sharp and bright, usually with some propulsive guitar, colourful keyboards and percussive effects, while occasional brass pokes its head around the door.

Although “Freedom in You” begins with a troubadour guitar, Todd0 displays his trademark blend of indie, pop and background electronica through most of the EP. The danceable “Dave” has an instantly catchy poppy feel and “Hallelujah Chorus,” with its chiming piano and almost Blondie-like hook, shows how fresh praise-based music can be when it breaks free from Nashville's lowest-common-denominator mould. Mr. Zero has the sense to see that true worship music takes on all of life and here he also celebrates love (on "Made"), as well as railing against taking the wonder of life for granted on “No, No, No,” which has a slight Caribbean hue.

What makes this EP even more remarkable is that he learned how to self-engineer a record, releasing this within two years of starting that process.

He studied well, as this is a set of songs that sounds great on constant repeat.
He also has a full-length release out (Kid Heart) but that's a story for another day...


Derek Walker

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