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An Orc Here, An Orc There

wardwellWardwell takes the familiar territory of a hometown---Eastport, Maine---and weaves a tale of haunting's, black (evil) and white (good) entities, space aliens and quaint characters from the town.


Boxing to Beethoven

elephantsIn the new film Water For Elephants Richard LaGravenese (screenplay) created a perfect companion to Sara Gruen’s (novel) work.

What Not To Do

Researching this set of celebratory jazz re-issues has twice led to ecstatic rambles through Weber’s live works on YouTube. This one is special.

expectingI really wasn’t sure what to expect from “What to Expect When You're Expecting” even though my wife and I are expecting.

whenthegamestandstallLike all films, yes, it is a metaphor for life and what sort of person will we be when our “game” stands tall.

whiplashBlood on the Cymbals

Fancy tracing your family history back to Adam and Eve? Here’s your chance.

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