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Robin Good_90Biblical purists will have a harder time complaining when classics are used to illustrate biblical values, and “There is no God on Sesame Street.”

Little House that Stood 90What can compete with a trio of well-dressed pigs and a narrator that sounds like a famous actor? 

VeggieTales-The-Penniless-PrincesseditedRemake of a classic is brilliant, as the British might say.

VeggieTales Ultimate Christmas Collection.
It’s a Wonderful Life
meets The Polar Express in a VeggieTale adaptation.

venusinfurOnly two actors, one setting, and it is in French with English subtitles.


Have Camera, Will Travel

War Horse as reviewed by Matt Mungle in The Phantom Tollbooth This is certainly the most visually stunning film you will see this holiday season, and maybe the year.

warroomWhen Not To Mind Your Business

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