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themaskedsaintAs a fan of the sport it took me back to my childhood and even though it stumbles in many aspects it was entertaining and encouraging where it mattered.






Try To Reel This One In

monumentsmenThe Monuments Men is a little bit Ocean’s 11 and even a tad more National Treasure.

mortalintrDid you ever have one of those dreams where you are at Hogwarts and the cast of Twilight shows up? Me either.

In a 2017 Pew research study, almost half of Americans did not know a Muslim. 

Earn Your freedom

Nativity Jordan Red Planet DVD Nativity accounts don’t come any better.

Just Like Old Times

novmanThe Past Is Ever Present

You may not be grateful for this, but if it wasn’t for films like The Old Dark House, you’d never have got Scooby Doo.

 Back From The Past

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