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thegoodlieThe Good Lie may have taken over eleven years to get from page to screen but during that time writer Margaret Nagle never lost hope.


the goog lie

not exactly what you'd call a faith-based film. Instead, faith is an undercurrent – a plot element that is not used to move the story along or provide a deus ex machina

greatgatsbyThere are things to love about this one but sadly it is plagued with creative decisions that will leave many shaking their head in frustration.

the-greyIt feels odd to mention a film about wolves and not have teenagers screaming “Go Team Jacob” in the background.

theguestWhen the line between hero and villain gets smudged the outcome can be quite twisted and demented.

ho2Did you see the first one and love it? Then you will like this one for what it is; solid humor and a simple revisit with your favorite characters. If you skipped the original or found it in any way offensive then for heavens sake don’t start now.

helpThe Help is delightful. That is hard to say in light of the subject matter.

homemanNot For The Faint Of Heart

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