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indenticalThe fascination of our society, and really that of the world, with Elvis Presley is unequaled by any other celebrity.

The Ides of March as reviewed by The Phantom Tollbooth"Enemies forced by circumstances to work together; members of an unlikely alliance. True it is that politics makes strange bedfellows." - Charles Dudley Warner.

imiationgameIt is a solid film that tells a unique story based around a very fascinating inpidual.

The Impossible
It has been a while since a film caused me to hold my breath in the opening moments and not exhale until the credits rolled.

ironlady Meryl Streep may be the prime minister of actresses, a fact which few can deny, but she is still unable to salvage all the troubles with this film.

thejudgeIt is a beautiful journey to witness and incredibly emotional.

Disney's classic animated, THE JUNGLE BOOK gets a live action makeover.

It is hard to imagine this stellar line-up playing now so casually and close to the crowd; this film captures the era as much as The Band's final hour.

lastwitchhunterThe last witch hunter is all that stands between humanity and the combined forces of the most horrifying witches in history.

For the most part a fantastic family film that looks fabulous on the big screen. 

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