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Son of God movie poster. It is by far the greatest story ever told.

soulsurferSoul Surfer has some of the most spectacular sea photography I have seen in years.

The Quietness of Desolation

sparepartsFull of heart and fist pumping achievement this is a story that proves no goal is unattainable when you stay focused and see it through to the end.

spectreBond films (yes Bond is an actual adjective) had a huge resurgence when Daniel Craig put on the white suite, signed his License to Kill card, and went to work thwarting maniacal syndicates.

I feel as if the Shyamalan I originally loved is finally back and bringing some swagger. 

spotlightGoing After The System

spyA Jason Statham Film

Stan & Ollie is a fine biopic that warms the heart and is capable of conjuring up some nostalgia and some tears.

There Is No Unknown, Only Temporarily Hidden

This summer is full of sequels and even trilogies, and if this one is any taste of what is to come, this will be a summer to remember.

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