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Scorsese Italy 90Scorsese’s personal guide to great films that we might otherwise miss shows great insight and is brilliantly told.

shameShame really is an NC-17 film in telling the story of a man addicted to sex.

shaunthesheepWho Is The Lady In The Dress?

Sherlock Holmes The Game of Shadows ad reviewed in The Phantom TollboothThe thing to love about the new Sherlock Holmes film is that it's a whole lot like the first installment.

Edward Hopper’s paintings start to move. It’s a fine idea, but hard work.

SHow of Hands, Double bill DVDWith two very different and enjoyable features on one DVD, Show of Hands continue to give great value: a strong live set and the stories behind one of their best releases.

Silver Lining Playbook movie poster. Silver linings Playbook is a horrible title but luckily a solid film with a cast that includes People Magazine's hottest man alive and the lady who brought Katniss the girl on fire to life.

sistersThe premise for SISTERS has been done a hundred ways with a hundred different actors. But it is worth experiencing again simply because of the comic hilarity of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

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