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spidermanThe main question one asks in reference to The Amazing Spider-man is, “why did we need another one?”

amazingsman2 Most fans are wanting and deserve amazing and although this one is wall to wall action there is way too much clutter to go with it.

the artistCrème de la' Crème

theattackA Shadow Amid The Debris

avengersThe Avengers is a super heroes movie. And that is exactly what it needs to be; the plural not the singular.

The Awakening movie poster. Back to the fundamentals. An old house and the rumor of shadows in the old English night. Perfect.

BigshortFour outsiders in the world of high-finance who predicted the credit and housing bubble collapse of the mid-2000s decide to take on the big banks for their lack of foresight and greed.

bigweddingIs it so hard to create a ninety minute comedy?

the-big-yearBird watchers of the world unite as you now have a movie of your very own.

boxtrolls Don't Sit On The Box

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