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sistersThe premise for SISTERS has been done a hundred ways with a hundred different actors. But it is worth experiencing again simply because of the comic hilarity of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

skyfallFrom beginning to end it is one of the most well rounded and perfectly made Bond films

Using sonics ranging from pulsating electro-rock to a Salvation Army backing band, Gabriel Wilson is the right man to bring out the best sound that Smith has enjoyed since prime Delirious? days. Two of his best ever songs are right here.           

Smith returns with two albums at once. Surrounded will probably sell more, but this is the one with deeper, more practical worship. It’s faster and brighter, too.

snakemongooseAuto racing fans seldom get films they can call their own. Unless they are animated and have talking tow trucks.

Snow White and the Huntsman as reviewed in The Phantom Tollbooth.A retelling of a classic for grown-ups. The way the Grimm Brothers meant it to be.

snowmen-movie-poster 90

Snowmen is light and weighty with plenty of teachable moments.

Something Borrowed - as reviewed by Matt Mungle in The Phantom TollboothNot necessarily something new but it is a move in the right direction for romantic comedies.


Son of God movie poster. It is by far the greatest story ever told.

soulsurferSoul Surfer has some of the most spectacular sea photography I have seen in years.

sparepartsFull of heart and fist pumping achievement this is a story that proves no goal is unattainable when you stay focused and see it through to the end.

spectreBond films (yes Bond is an actual adjective) had a huge resurgence when Daniel Craig put on the white suite, signed his License to Kill card, and went to work thwarting maniacal syndicates.

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