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The Phantom Tollbooth - Past Movie Reviews

The Phantom Tollbooth

Music and more from a Christian perspective

Slow down, and have your change ready

Since 1996

footloose2011“I've been working so hard. I'm punching my card.”

forcemajeureWhat makes a man a man? Is it strictly anatomy or is it what you do and how you do it?

Across A Crowded Room

frankenweenie. Loving your pet piece by piece.

freedom fighter dvdThe message and images of Freedom Fighter serve as a wake-up call and a provocative call to action.

frightnightHollywood loves to ride the wave of fads; and vampires are the hot commodity.

frozenFrozen and Disney cartoon “Get A Horse!” which play together in theaters

gijoeG.I. Joe: Retaliation is an action filled thrill ride from beginning to end and does the franchise proud.

If you are expecting a Look Who’s Coming For Dinner you will be a tad bit shocked.

Don’t Blink Your Eyes

gingerrosaForgiveness Is a Word On a Page

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