The Phantom Tollbooth

Music and more from a Christian perspective

Slow down, and have your change ready

Since 1996

The triology on finding God in unusual places and seeing what the power of God can do draws to a close.

Keep Them Out, Keep Them In 

An African-American father struggles with race relations in the United States

finalgirlMaybe it looked substantial on paper? But when delivered by the cast of the film it comes across forced, unoriginal, and amateurish.

Potato Salad In The Bathtub

focusMost people like a good con game. On film. No one wants to be on the receiving end but fictionally it is fun to watch.

footloose2011“I've been working so hard. I'm punching my card.”

forcemajeureWhat makes a man a man? Is it strictly anatomy or is it what you do and how you do it?

Across A Crowded Room

frankenweenie. Loving your pet piece by piece.

freedom fighter dvdThe message and images of Freedom Fighter serve as a wake-up call and a provocative call to action.

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