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Phantom Tollbooth picks 2014 Pointing you to the most interesting music and movie releases from the first half of 2014.

Queen Latifah plays “Angela” in the new film MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN.

 A look back through our archives for past coverage of a musical great now appearing in heaven.

Soulfest 2012 logo. Without a doubt, with the demise of the Cornerstone & Purple Door Festivals, Grandfather Rock declares this summer Soulfest is the place to be this summer.

Steven Delopouos of Burlap To Cashmere as interviewed for The Phantom TollboothDelopoulos is a poet and artist who paints a musical portrait of our world based on these images and experiences.


Steven Delopoulos Interview as seen on The Phantom Tollbooth

I took a moment to digest the last hour – the band entering the building to salutations and hugs all around, Steven’s easy going demeanor and his ever-present smile and the always curious eyes of a man following his life’s path. An hour so well spent.

2019 was a stellar year for films. A wonderful way to end the decade. The films for “Best and “Worst” are listed in alphabetical order. Enjoy.

The Vespers interviewed on Phantom Tollbooth. As a group – truth, joy, love and a great deal of excitement.
Photo by Nick Jensen, NJ Freelance      

We spoke to Iona members Dave Bainbridge and Frank van Essen about the celebratory releases of their entire catalogue.

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