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20152015 has been a better-than-average film year, coming to an end with the fan favorite, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

Did the full bloom Jesus Revolution of 1971 make to the American Top 40? See for yourself as our intrepid writer examines the May 8, 1971 listings song by song. "Hang on for copious theological critique and unabashed opining of a musical, and maybe a little political, nature... "

Pritzl singleThe Violet Burning frontman takes us through The Story of our Lives - and a bit of his own...

chrisstapletonmichaelrayThe results should speak for themselves in these two examples of gospel-informed country.

miss-fond-du-lac-2012All that for $39,000 in scholarships, huh?


Oscar Statue The Oscars are Sunday and we will finally find out which of these films ranked above all others. Again, if you are filling out your ballot this info may be helpful in choosing the winner.

And the nominees are...

Twenty minutes is not a lot with such a prolific artist as Neal Morse, but it did solve some puzzles about his music and faith.

Oscar Statue
Academy Award nominations just love winter weather.

dbsweeney “…Hollywood has lost sight of what the audience is…
 people who buy tickets and can see themselves on the screen."

Oscar Statue An in-depth look at the leading ladies.

new years eve 90pxOur Writers Look Back At 2011

We asked our writers to reflect on the past year and their favorite music. The results are fascinating.


Four of our writers list and discuss their top album picks of 2014. You are sure to find something interesting, something new, something to agree with, and something to disagree with. Take a perusing stroll and get ready to use your gift cards.

Some people get the breaks. Steve Turner is one of them. He gets paid for talking to his heroes; Bono admires him; he is the focus of a biopic (“Support Your Local Poet”) and he has a reputation for quality writing, whether journalism or poetry. God seems to smile on him.

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